Specializing In:
-Residential Design -Commercial Design
-Remodel Projects

LaVonne's classic style is fostered by the theory "less is more." Her signature is identifiable by crisp, clean design, with impactful high contrasts. Her belief is that the cornerstone for fine design is the harmonious integration of architectural and interior elements. The achievement of timeless design, with complete functionality of space is the primary goal.

Her innovative design evolves out of a "meeting of the minds" between designer and the client. LaVonne believes that while there are scientific and artistic elements of design such as scale, proportion, harmony, and balance, a home needs a soul. She strives to create a comfortable environment, which represents the client's personality and lifestyle.

Published works have been featured in various magazines. Over 30 years of experience coupled with formal Design education, from the Interior Design Guild in Los Angeles, allowing Lavonne to establish a loyal clientele. Project locations include Arizona, California, Washington, New York, Mexico and Colorado.